PROTEGOL® Coating Systems

We protect assets!

PROTEGOL® two component liquid coatings based upon polyurethane or epoxy resin are characterised by utmost and long-term efficiency and used in a number of industrial sectors that apply very high standards and in harsh conditions. PROTEGOL® coatings are chemically and mechanically very stable and meet international quality standards pertaining to a permanent and dependable corrosion protection.


PROTEGOL® Coating Systems is a brand of TIB Chemicals AG.

With products available for a range of oil, gas and water transmission lines and industrial installations such as tanks and valves, each PROTEGOL® product has been developed to provide added value through versatility, long service life, ease of application and consistent quality. Whether your installation is buried or submerged and whether your project is new construction or maintenance, PROTEGOL® provides maximum internal and external corrosion protection.

Our cold-applied systems complement the range of 2K airless hot spray products. These products are either homogenized and processed by hand from prefabricated containers according to the mixing ratio or applied by twin cartridge system with use of mechanical or pneumatic discharge devices. There is a variety of possible applications: stripe coating to prepare fittings for machine coating, compensating for minor thicknesses, repairing transport damage and also coating complete weld seams.