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Industrial Equipment

Supply for Oil-and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical- and Cement Industry, Plant Construction and Welding Industry.

Forklift Trucks and Spare Parts

Anotec GmbH is offering all kinds of high quality forklift trucks, lift trucks and hand-lifts produced by all major brands and original spare parts.

MONTI Bristle Blaster®

Anotec GmbH is offering the MONTI-Bristle Blaster® tool, developed by MONTI-Werkzeuge GmbH Germany.

KÖBO – Pioneering Chain Technology

KÖBO GmbH is a worldwide leading producer of chains for all kinds of industries and provides over more than 120 years of expert knowledge.
KÖBO delivers standard products of highest quality and with maximal product safety

Raw Chemicals and Catalysts

Anotec GmbH is working in close collaboration with its high standard manufacturers.

PROTEGOL® Coating Systems

PROTEGOL® corrosion protection systems can be applied in several ways: ranging from two-component airless hot spraying of large areas, through conventional, air spraying or application by means of cartridges to manual application by brush or roller. The last methods are particularly suitable for repair work and small or hard to reach areas.

Industrial Feed for Aquaculture

Anotec GmbH is offering high quality industrial fish feed produced by Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow in Germany for different farmed species like Salmon, Seabass, Barramundi, Shrimps, Catfish, Tilapia, Carp and Ornamental fish for the export to Middle East region,

Eyed eggs

Anotec GmbH is offering high quality salmonid eyed eggs produced by Dabie Hatchery in Bytow/Poland.
Thanks to its geographical location, the Dabie Hatchery farm is supplied with the purest spring water and thus enables the production of eyed eggs in best quality.
Rainbow trout eggs are produced all over the year and Brook trout, Sparctic and Brown trout eyed eggs are available on request.
The dispatch of eyed eggs to all parts of the world is professionally organized, from sorting and quality controlling to packaging in conditioned and sealed boxes. They are subject to strict hygienic and sanitary requirements, supervised by the veterinary inspection.

Why us?


One of the leading supplier of industrial equipment and resources.


Due to our excellent logistic network worldwide we became a specialist in fast delivery.

Competitive Pricing

Long-term market-knowledge and customer base make an effective pricing possible.


Finding your solution is our passion- starting from raw materials to industrial equipment.


We are appreciated by our outstanding technical consulting.

Great Support

We guarantee a reliable after-sales service for our products.

Anotec GmbH was established in 2007 in Loerrach/Germany as a worldwide supplier for Industrial Equipment and Resources and provides more than 10 years of international market experience. Focussing on the supply of Industrial Equipment and Resources Anotec GmbH is continually expanding its portfolio. Since 2013 we are successfully working in the field of Industrial Fish Feeds and the technical equipment for Aquaculture. We have developed direct supply chains to well-known producers and deliver the goods in short time all over the world.

Anotec GmbH is working closely with manufacturers of high standard and guarantees best product quality. Our technical and scientific expertise allows us to deliver to our customers tailor-made products and catalysts suitable for their individual applications. In questions of technical support and product training we are able to provide our customers with all necessary information.

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