Industrial Fish Feed – Dedicated to your Performance

The current feeding programs for all species promote fast and efficient growth while the impact on the environment, pollution and water consumption is minimized. The selected ingredients are purchased from certified suppliers and meet the highest standards of nutrition technology (ASC). Every produced batch of feed is scrutinized by defined quality assurance before it is sold in the market acc. to ISO 22000, ISO 50001, GLOBALG.A.P.

The program consists of broodstock diets, artemia, hatchery feeds, nursery diets and a wide range of growers. The products are all produced by Alltech®Coppens in Nettetal/Germany under strict HACCP and GMP standards and according to EU-rules and are continually improved in Alltech®COPPENS research center. In order to improve growth, immune response, digestibility and intestinal function the premix BIO-MOS, Actigen and BIOPLEX are important components in all feeds. Specially with the new additive FORPLUSTM Alltech®Coppens succeeded in replacing fish oil by algae production, which contains high levels of healthy fatty acids and DHA and is free of contaminants.

Sturgeon Feeds

Sturgeon is the favorite fish for the production of delicious and precious caviar. The quality of caviar is essentially depending on the quality of the fish and it’s wholesome nutrition and growth in a healthy environment. A broad range of specified products are available:

Trout Feeds

Trout farming has a long tradition in Europe and is also becoming more important in Middle East and Asia. Alltech®COPPENS has developed a broad assortment:

Marine Feeds

Marine fish like bass and bream are gaining more and more popularity as food fish all over the world. Farming in industrial agricultures is becoming an important production field in many countries. Alltech®COPPENS has developed a broad assortment:

Hobby Fish Feed

Supply of  leading angling, koi, pond and aquarium feeds both for professional fishers as well as enthusiastic hobbyists: